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I have been a counselor for 17 years. I have worked with 1,000's of clients for more than 10,000 hours and I have learned invaluable lessons about how to create exceptional love relationships. 

Many people are never taught the value of emotional intelligence from our parents because no one taught them. Yet it is the most important factor in determining personal and relational success and happiness. 

Before I see couples for therapy I require they take my INTELLIGENT LOVE MASTERCLASS.
how does it work?

I believe many of the common problems couples have are due to a lack of self-awareness about their own temperament, the temperament of their partner and how those two complex, dynamics systems work together . . . or not. Temperament is the constellation of systems operating in your mind that makes you who you are.

My goal is help each individual in the relationship understand themselves better. As they come to greater self-awareness they will inevitably get to know their partner at much deeper levels than ever before.

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Sign up for services and I will send you a link to the course
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